The Lacey Rose

Hi! I'm Sara. Flowers are my favorite things in the whole world, but I alas they are so fleeting. I love to create, so what better way is there than to use my creativity to create flowers that last AND are far more eco friendly than your typical artificial flowers? I study these floral blessings from nature when I can. I take them apart and record all the details to recreate realistic replications using high quality Italian and German Crepe paper. I start with a roll of paper and a pair of scissors. Hand cutting each petal, then using various tools and medias to alter their shape and color. Each petal is assembled one by one as well as the greenery until I feel my creation looks complete. I use various vessels to house these floral creations so there is a variety to chose from. This creative time helps me to keep my own identity apart from being a Mom, Wife, and Hairstylist to children. Thank you for reading about what I do and supporting my small business so I can keep creating!

Instagram: @thelaceyrosedesigns

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